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In 2017, with support from the European Union's Erasmus+ programme, we created a network for learning about self-directed support called the SKILLS project. The SKILLS project developed a range of resources to help countries develop systems of self-directed support. In 2019 we were awarded a further 3 years of funding to strengthen and extend this network and to advance self-directed support across the whole of Europe.

The project is led by KVPS and is managed in partnership with the Finnish National Agency for Education. However, although the hub is based in Europe, we welcome membership from leaders on self-directed support from around the world.



The network works to advance self-directed support. In particular:

  1. Share information on best practice, research.

  2. Offer training and support to each other.

  3. Map progress on self-directed support around the world.


At the moment the network is made up of the following organisations:

Australia - Western Australia Individualised Services (WAIS)

CanadaCanadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship (CIIC)

EnglandCentre for Welfare Reform

England - Self-Directed Futures

Europe - the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities - EASPD

Finland - Suunta

Greece - Puzzle


Lithuania - Samanta Savickaitė, Klaipėda University

New Zealand - Manawanui

Scotland - In Control Scotland

Spain - Fundación Aprocor & Plena Inclusión

USA - In Control Wisconsin

We welcome new members - If you are trying to develop self-directed support, personal budgets or other similar changes in your country or region then please contact us to explore how you could join the network.

The SDS Network is part of Citizen Network.

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